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Friday 23 December 2022> …
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(1) David Smith
[Australian Environmental Studies
“Continent In Crisis” textbook]

(2) Albert Einstein

gave us plenty of clear warning that we are
“blind-juggernautly” ignoring
an unprecedented Impasse in our Humankind history, responsibility and ‘response-ability’.
[David Smith]
[“] Earth’s Longest-Term Lifesupports
are in ‘man-made’ irreversible decline
but our ‘Leaders are reporting the opposite to be the case and ignoring and denying the likelihood of an hugely insidiously-growing
‘sinkhole-like shortfall’
immediately under our very own ‘feet’ [“].
[Albert Einstein]
[“] We shall never solve today’s and tomorrow’s problems using the same minds & mindsets that both caused them and are continuing them [“].
A ‘Burning’ Question:
Why has the World Peoples’ United Nations University not yet launched
a world wide generic “Life-Place Informaational, Educational & Governancial TV a nd Computer Programme “Open Discussion Forum” on these two “wildfire -issues’ and upon other Issues, such as “One human being needs [just] one human living” and a continuing string of posts of similar import within

Best ‘carrot-&-stick’ regards;
John Miles PL6 5LU; U.K.