The “Secret”

In a nutshell –  be ever waking hours  de-conflating  your self and your mind .



If you are genuinely co-sustain-worthy-ing, both yourself and your “centring” environments
then you will have already found the need for you to be “de-conflating” your mind on a several-times-daily basis.

There is no such sustain-worthy “secret” –  only different ‘bunches’ of “secrets”.

Task #1 :-  List all of your known or ‘suspected’ “secrets”.-
[ do not attempt to publish them on any of these Not-for-profit, lower nor prestige e-sites;
better to keep them under your own pillow or mattress


The world has entered a “run-up” to a World War 3 –
which is most likely to be materially over clean-water shortages –
but will be catalysed also by flawed-big-financial-failures –
and exacerbated by
(1) China-“led” new globe-“colonising” “Huge Trade Belt & Highways Networks” Economic-Growth

with yet again Germany the “victim” “cause” at its centre – “victimisingly set-up” and then opposed by at least Trump American War-Machine.
but also manipulated by the new global “monster-economy”, China,
and by Russia which is “the only Nation-State capable of “incinerating” the USA with mass-destruction weapons.. . .


This lone ‘Me’,
and my ‘where-ever-are-you’ discussionable Neighbour

realises the “little secret” for my hour-to-hour peace-of-mind, is to de-conflate my mind
of some socially-established “mono-mindless-keyword”

such as a BIG conflation in the term
HEALTH – a ‘thing’ which under British Law can not even exist;
and a similarly sub-marine “minefield” the UK National Health Service
which has never been a successful holistic-health and wellbeing service

but has been and still is a quite successful National Illnesses & Hospitals Sector