The Facts “versus” The Fancies


A Main ‘Mankind-Management’ Essential
for both every individual and every size of Organised-Body is

i.e.  Self-Balancing

And a primary “Mind-Tool-Box” for that
needs to contain every appropriate “pair-of-mind-concept-opposites” –


so let’s go to work and start listing our needed pairs –
Weve already seen our need to be ever sorting
the Facts from the Fantasies or “Fancies” –

herein we can consider grading as an essential “fact-of-life” a

whereas an
is “less-necessary”
and both “less-nutritious” and “more-harmfully-junky”
“fantasy-food” or “luxury”


Nextly take

a “massage-for-the-pleasure-you-deserve”
for which you could be charged anything from £50 to £200 an hour…
and have to travel as far as fifty miles at your own expense too –

whereas I have since ‘discovered’ that if I slow-myself-right-down
I can give myself somew actually more satgisfying and pleasurtable self-touching
e.g. in undressing – and given myself a slow and sensuous “£rub down with a velvet glove” –


==================so let us “stay-tuned” to this “sustainworthyingly” choosing ====================

our human-ness-balancing pairs-of-opposites