“Serves You Right” – Britain’s Most Powerful and Essential Sector “crippled” by a mere computer criminal !

So much for your national “health” “service” !


You should have established a separate Holistic Health Building Service –
which would not so vitally need high-tech technologies, equipments, sufferings, and huge-costs.



And at the same time you should be re-shaping the existing huge Illnesses and Hospitals Sector –
with all its strengths
but with its special vulnerabilities too,

-and not overlooking its manifold “perfection-paralyses” too  [*]

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[*]  once you have become perfect, the best, the “only” service needed  –

you have also prevented yourself from learning anything new.

That goes for Religions, Universities, Schools and Local neighbourhood Communities, Associations, and NGOs, too.

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