Peaceful-Progress Costs


My “voluntary-carer’s role” with a  “voluntary-caree”
was just informed that
since the sun had now “come-out”

.would I please place an upright dining-room ‘armed’ chair outside in the sun for her to sit in awhile.

But a “Big Issue” raised its “terroristic head”

========== stay-tuned please =========

The Big-Problem “opens” thus :-
1.  Since in 2013 the 7-hour-day cost of a Local Governmentally Brokered Sitter for such a caree

then probably the cost today of an Occupational Therapist 

to come and direct our both carer and caree normal ‘occupational’-activities  

‘Occupational’-Activities  such as
(i)  me carrying the chair
(ii) the caree needing to ‘wobble’ it into a four-footed, steady-level, and exact position

might be of the order of
per 7-hour day

 ========== let’s move forward to 0700 a.m. Friday (next post above) =========