Worthy “Edgercising(s)”

“P B W-E() N”e.g.“Please Be Worthy-Edgercising(s) Now”[*]===================== ASTERISKEDS[*]Many kinds or sorts of ‘Edging’–Explorations and/orExercises exist – notably (i) pointing the tip of the nosearound the edge of every-thing … for a ‘while’ … ——————————————————— 🙂

The Sustainworthying Core

Before selecting our/the “Core-Guidance Publications”we need to up-front make and show our own“Findings-So-Far”. — 0000 Saturday 24 October 2020—–.1533 —. Ongoingly —> INSTANTIATIONALLY A.The Oveall-Membership will need to be“shaped ” as being “Multi-Domainly-Segmented & Frustumly-Pyramidal”/”Conical”. on a “Q-Q Scale of…

“Sequencing” – ‘worthily’.

The Buddhists use the Key-Qualifying term “Right-“ so we get “right-doing”, “right thinking”. 🙂 why not ” right-‘everythinging’ “ 🙂 Certainly each of our “Sustainworthyings”* needs such ‘qualificational-terms’ – today we surely shall be “Right-Lone-Sustainworthying-Sequencing”as well as“Right-Co-Sustainworthying-Sequencing”.————————————————————— ASTERISKEDLY*“Self-” and “Co-Civilisationally-“.====================================

Sustain-Worthy-ing #3:- Keys.

Whilst the Factsof this Earth’s Lifesupportive Finiteness & of this “New World-Order’s”domineeringly-dominantHuman-Civilisational yetEven-More-PrecariousSurvival-Non-Worthiness show both to be deliberately-plannedlybut now increasingly‘out-of-controlly’sliding steeper-&-steeperly down a ‘Slippery-Slope’into an irreversible“Succession –ofLife -&-LifesupportsExtinctions and Destructions” IN ANY EVENT It can not be our Co-Sustain-Worthy-ing Aim…

Re-Directing Our Assets

Since the Whole-Foundation,Design, and ‘Modus-Operandi’ of the traditional and current Elite-Domineered Human-Civilisation is both flawed and corrupted … as are also the”Roguely-Mole-ing” Malfeasant and Criminal Organisations’ and Members’ Purposes. it has become our ‘new-co-sustainworthying’ vocation, mission, and duty’to be re-directing…

Our 3 Critical-Masses Task.

1 Currently-Still-Embryo“Co-Sustainworthying, Individual Human Self-Movabilities Co-ImprovingandWholesome Health, Wellness & Wellbeing Co-Building-&-Maintaining New-Earth-Humankind Civilisation [-ing].”———————————————————- 2The Traditionally Dominant Civilisation.————————————————————- 3The ‘Compositishly’ Corrupt, Corrupting & Domineering ‘Sub’-Human Civilisations. ====================