On “Taking God’s NAME In-Vain [Falsely] …”

 Our Sunday-therefore-‘Godly’
spiritual-thinking-learning day




“Taking  God’s  NAME  In-Vain”


ruth-Treeing – finding, in order to be both “telling” and “taking”, The Truth.

Divinely Creating-&-Continuously-Caring-&-Further-CreatingNaming-of Parts,
“The ‘Word’ of ‘God’ is every thing that was, is, and will be, Made {Theology]”
‘God’  “stands-for” Divine Originator, Maker, Servicer –
in the Sense of God’s –

God-The-House-Builder;  God-The-Farmer; God the ‘Mother’ as well as God-The-Baby,
……God-The-Doer …
……….”ad infinitum – – – –
………you “see” ? …


Vainly, Falsely, for-no-good-purpose, ‘blasphemously’, ‘insultingly’, ‘iatrogenicly’, ‘criminally’
also  we need to Know this in order to ‘unmask’ quite a lot of deceprive, even treacherous, “spin-doctoring”.

.*  In addition to the Christian Old Testament record of Ten Commandments –
[“Thou shalt Not take the Name of the Lord-Thy-God “in-vain”]
and to the Roman-Catholic early Church’s list of The Seven Deadly Sins –
the Anglican Book of Common Prayer also has a ‘Litany’
within which appears the following  ‘sub-prayer’
“From Blindness-of-heart, Pride, Vainglory, Hypocrisy, Envy, Hatred, Malice
All-Uncharitableness (Hardness-of heart/ jm-Total Destructiveness-Non-Charity) –
Good Lord deliver us.” –

and thus came to also be published (around 1950) the Anglican deeply-insightful little ‘Lent book’
The Eight Deadlier Sins author Hubert Libbey
which, as other lead-writers** have also discovered, is a downwards human ‘slippery-slope’
into illness, impairment, disease, disability, and death :-

If you don’t deal with your “Blindness-of-heart”, “Pride” will also begin to “sink” you…
on down into “Vainglory”  [jm- “boastfulness” “bullying” “egoism” “pretentiousness”] ——–> “Hypocrisy” –
politics ? not my job”, “onrushing depression ?-nothing to do with me” ——>
to the ultimate “All-Uncharitableness” – [jm- “you-have-become the Evil-Itself ofNegativity, Neglect, and Destructivity towards all Life].

** ‘The Maslow Triangle’ similarly –
if you don’t keep your Physiological parts in all-round holistic-health,
your ‘higher’ human-needs will be undermined
and eventually be ‘starved-into impairment, illness, disease, and death.

Help For Your Nerves by Dr Claire Weekes, the Australian GP
who ‘internationally’ discovered that
much “medical/psychiatric Depression” is not “depression” at all,
but in truth is “Fatigue” –
[and “Progressive-Fatigue, at that] –
Stage One:  Physical – Physiological fatigue
if not reversed and ‘dealt-with’ ,
will become, in addition, Emotional-fatigue;

Three  ‘Mental’ [or as I prefer to word it “Mind-Functional”] fatigue –
until finally
Spiritual fatigue sets-in [jm-“both legs sliding into the grave already”].


————————— (“) and on the seventh day God rested and called it ‘The Sabbath’ … (“) ——————–