On Sharing Sustainworthying

is “share-able”

and therefore should be publicly-share-able –
but the higher up the Public-Workplace one goes
the more “sustainworthying” is being “blocked”
and “distorted”
by “non-negotiables” –
of both the “Thou Shalt Not” and “Thou Shalt Only _ _ ” classifications.
fortunately – \

or by longer-term “imperceptible” natural-evolution and/or deep-‘undercover’ civilisational-development”
there has been acceptance of such “sustainworthying-sharing” in no less than five local Crownhill public places :-

(1) On Citybuses
(2)  In the Derriford-Hospital entrance-foyer and Food-Refreshment “sit-along”
(3)  In the Groceries Shop
(4)  In the ‘Village’ cafe Crownhill
(5)  In both the Garden Centre and
(especially widely. extensively, and positively-tolerantly)
in its Food Refreshments and restaurant-like cafeteria.
———- .
Some ‘samples’ of what was “shared” :-

{Sotto-Vocely quietly}  “God is moving in a quite mysterious way – All wonders to be performing –“.
“We still need a Holistic Health Building building and service – Spain has already established one”
“Even some of our best “sustainworthying” auithors and publishers need some “correcting” or “clarifying” –
see for instance the cover title The Mosaic Principle

chore-break [1209 mailman at the door]