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 Many publications were not originally intended by their ‘author’ –
they were only being written by “partly lost in life” persons
writing notes to theirself
“to clear my mind” –

omly much later was it “seen” – or did it “Dawn” on them
that other people might not just be “interested” in some of it

might critically need it – to help in some similar “happening” in their own life – but which was “imprisosoning” them, or “striking them dumb”

Thus sharing-with-someone (else) ‘human’
had to be in a real sort of sense “be made to happen”-

 I went horizontal at just a bit later than the 7 minutes too long I had been ‘lost’ here at ‘our’ inter-human computer ;

and I dreamed, and “lucidly-dreamed”

and “self-therapied” –

on the [previously published here] basis of the normal human sleep cycle being 90 minutes
just a few minutres before the end of which the sleeper dreams
[which apparently helps to turn her/him around, to go down again into deepish sense-switched-off sleep and physiological-refreshment] –

but this time the 90 minutes over-ran and I stayed sinking-down and rising-up etcetera etcetera etcetera until eventually my visual “lucid-dreaming” “gave me a clue, an opening, a “way up and out” :

glancing at the cellphone’s clock I saw it at 2210 .20 minutes before the natural end of the 2100 to 2230 timeslot.


I immediately ‘phoned a message to three friends –

 and here is that snippet-of-parallel-life-light – for you to if you want it .

Thank you.