“”Co-Sustain-Worthierly-Living” – Possible ?

Wednesday 08 February 2023>


i am a solitary 95 y.o ‘veteran’ and ‘failed-widower’; 

and now think I need
a ‘world-viewing likeminded’ befriender. 

I was at Plymouth College and Plymouth Technical College
in WW2;
then graduated June 1948 from Sandhurst’s Intake-1
for peacekeeping in the regular army.

I have broadcast popular piano music, 
in a 12 week late evening series on Radio Malaya in 1952; 

but after returning to the UK, and ‘fresh’ at Keele university,
became an unfortunate ‘victim’ of a
wrong medical diagnosis and consequent
wrong and iatrogenicIy-injurious
blindly-repetitive ongoing treatments. 
A ‘fragmented’ rather than ‘checkered ‘career’ has followed.


I am now 95,
living almost-isolatedly at home,
renting 6 Gratton Place, PL6 5LU,
and ‘running’ a non-fiction
‘denied & repressed matters’ 

I am reasonably healthy,
despite the iatrogenic injuries
and several mild disabilities & impairments, 
but am noticing the creeping onset of some
dementia-like ‘behavioural*’ signs. 

[*  “behavioural” in the formal psychological sense including
“since one can’t control many of one’s behaviours 

it is ‘ignorantly-wrong for people to
officially-habitually keep saying “behave yourself”.].
“Luckily” – 

an excellent cleaner woman has just ‘liberated’ me
from being further  “dragged-under” by “clutter”,
and this is releasing different ‘new-energies’,
and an ‘upturn’ in my general personal-life
[and ‘behaviours’!}.  

A serious perusal of http://lifefresh.net
should. I am sure, show further ‘reasons’
why I need seriously responsible and response-able
ongoing help & association. 

To whom could I turn ?
AgeUK ?


… being continued ‘offline …