Self-Sustainworthing: “Gaslighting”

Monday 30 January 2023>
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According to an Expert

Signs You’re Being Gaslighted

They Make You Question Your Perception of Reality

The major warning sign of gaslighting is that
“your partner challenges your perception
of situations, of yourself, of your thoughts,
of your feelings, of their behavior,”
explains Bergen.

“One of the big warning signs is this
persistent sense that what you saw, you didn’t really see.
And what you experienced, you didn’t really experience.
What you felt, you didn’t really feel.”
Our “further-question” here has to include:
that only refers to your experience of
the good things in your life.
not “the bad” ?
‘Gaslighting’ will leave out bad expeiences ?

not tell you
you did not have them ?


Your thoughts or findings, please …