Optimally-Sustainworthying: Guidances Galore



requires of all its Lifeforms

some range of self-movement,
at some level
between the extremes of
the ‘quick-strike or flick’
’30 miles-a-day trek across a desert’
or the
‘cooped-up crouch in a cave or high in a tree
out of reach of a predator’.

In our civilised human case,
we still need abilities be quick
and at other times to be sustained.

‘Life-Itself’ has sigificant “weaknesses”
and we humans thereunder
have further specific “weaknesses”

and that is why we need to
establish & maintain ourselves
with additional ‘specificly-customising’
“self-defensive & self-sustain-worthy-ing”
personal-Life-Place enabling-abilities
collective Work-Place skills.
these both need us to be
both lone-self-‘energicising’
All-Other Civilisation-Places
Again, that is why “now” 1245pm
this author-publisher
will have been
since 0730
and now needs an agreeable
“time-junction'” *
during which to effect my
to the more
positions of
supine-horizontality & CP&RP**
the next “understood”
‘cardinal time junction’ being
the 5 minutes either side of 1330
or halfway at 1245
(the which I shall now prepare for).


Since our Historically-Unprecedented
Human Transitional Advance
out of
“Environmental & Miilitant-Civilisational Disasters-Manufacturing”
and into
“Self-&-Civilisation Co-ustain-Worthy-ing”

we need to be additionall-attentively
new guidances & ‘rules’.
Constructive Rest & Practice Position”
knees drawn up to 90 degrees behing the knees.