Sustainworthying “micro-enablements” …


Our Life-Place is a Major Timeframe
[occupying us for some 120 – 128 hrs/week]

within it we may ‘spend’ many hours ‘watching TV’

yet it is highly possible for us to include
in that “goggleboxing”

Whilst “following a chase”
and getting “stirred up” by it

one may [and “should”]
quickly Pause the whole thing

whilst one’s various
un- and sub- conscious ‘selves’
and ‘functions’ …
“catch-up”, “digest” and “resolve” the Action .
Hawaii Five-O
shows a female-agent gun-in-hand
pursuing a ‘murderous-rogue-doctor’
who hides behind a door and ‘ambushes’ her
with a lethal-syringe into her neck …
and she is convulsively-rapidly dying
on the hard hospital floor …