“Life’s Essence” is “Self-Movability” …

we need to be advancing in our
“self-alternation abilities”.
Even when a lifeform is ‘hibernating’
in the
there has to be in its very core
a”‘minimal-‘omphalis’ ” –
“circularly-alternatingly ‘burning'”.

Either The Spectator or The New Statesman
in the 1950’s -1970’s
published an ‘Oeuvre’
by poet laureate Robert Graves,
recounting how he,
(perhaps very much like Jesus Christ)
had been “left-for-dead”,

this time as a wounded soldier
in the Mesopotamian desert

but Private (?) Graves was actually still
and if it hadn’t been for
a well-trained medical orderly
collecting identity tags
from the battle ‘casualty-dead’
in ripping Graves’s tag from his wrist
saw a slight ooze of blood …

… the normal string of the tag
had been replaced
by Graves’s’mother
with a metal-chain;
thus the flesh was deepishly torn
when the tag was violently tugged.
“Q.E.D. ?” …
Robert Graves became
“A second ‘christ-rising-from-the-dead'” ?

Similar survivals happened to
Moshe Feldenkrais
[whose subsequent non-fiction work includes

Body and Mature Behavior:
A Study of Anxiety, Sex, Gravitation,
and Learning

Moshe Feldenkrais

one of our http://lifefresh.net
” Updatable-Constitution Recommended Guidances”.

and similar wounding in battle also happened to

“The Man of the Trees”,
Richard St John Baker.

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