Facts, Factors, Findings & ‘The-Sharing-Thereof’

The number and lifesupportive-value of
many ‘good’ advances
is being denied and suppressed.

Many erroneous entries have been established
in constitutions, legislations,
regulations and implementations.

“Paedophilia” means “Child-love
but it is not “love” it is “hate” or even “fear”

Another Misinformation is in
“The Seven (7) Sacraments”.

Yet another in
“Health” and “Mental-Health-Issue/Problem”

[If you have “mental health” that is no problem … it’s when you have “mental-illness” that there is a (i) problem for the individual; (ii) issue for a whole class of people.
There are literally
of similarly erroneous and disinformational words
in ongoingly unchallenged circulation.


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