“Who” or “What” will ‘return-comment’ first?…

1447> A few minutes later, after this post was published,
a ‘live-human-being’ did send a comment in –

thus showing that
(i) Comments by live-human-beings could be
made, received, and approved
a spam-machine gets-in.

“Therefore …”

{ii} Of the (say) 8 billion live-human-beings on this planet. 7,999,999,999 are either unable or unwilling
or both
to make reasonably-‘by-return’ comment
to this e-site http://lifefresh.net
therefore 7,999,999,999 human-beings are , and have longbeen, and are highly-probably certain to continue to be,

unable or unwilling or both
to make a quickish response -comment to any such -site as http://lifefresh.net

Which ‘Civilisationing’ is ‘preferable’ or do you prefer ?

Let’s see if a live human being can be commenting before a Spam-Machine …