Our ‘Life Research & Innovation’: #1 “Together”.

UK Research and Innovation
Official Body
emails “us”
to “help them improve”
(what they are doing/ could be doing).

Here is ‘our Lifefresh.net response’ :-

To: web@ukri.org
Subject: “All-Scrutinising ‘Sustainworthying'”.

To do this “Largest-of-all-time-Jobs” 
 both “all-in-this-togetherly”  and  “thoroughly quickly enough” 
(forgive me but) 
need to be including practically all of the
non-fiction, good-communicational and honest-reasoning material in 
“www.lifefresh.co.uk; http://lifefresh.net;
and www.one-human-living.com 

‘not-for-profit, power, prestige nor pretence’ posts. 

For me, the immediate measure,
and ‘test’
of your ‘Intentions’ & ‘fitness-for-Purpose’
will be
how soon and ‘thoroughly’
you can publicly include
in our “Overall ‘World-Saving’ Considerations”; 
and I firmly believe that 
“There is no excuse for Humankind’s Life-Supporting Bodies
such as UK Research and Innovation
to be so “blockheadedly” leaving-out
both http://lifefresh.net and myself from
Informationing & Discussion;
and from any similar
‘Sustainworthingly Deliberative-Democratisation
focal-conversations and new/tentative -practices.’

Best regards, 
John Miles.
Voluntarily-Altruistic ‘Author & Publisher’ http://lifefresh.net;
6 GrPl; PL6 5LU.  U.K..


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