“Lone-&-Co-Sustainworthying ‘Exigencies'” #1

When a lone human-being
something “new-to-her/him-self”

being a “Universally-‘Social’-Lifeform”
it is a
“Human-Earth-Life ‘Natural-Rule'”
that that human-being will
reasonably ‘quickly’
share her/his ‘finding’ …
The “Eureka” Moments of Human Progress !
This http://lifefresh.net
authoring/publishing human-being
“found” that
the current
sub-predicament of
“Industrial-&-Domestic Fuel Shortages”
‘making’ practically all human-beings
seek personally-individual ways of
“reducing – thus ‘saving’ – our Fuels”.

And so,
in this particular kitchen
that possibility has included

“microwaving the sausages
instead of gas-stoving them”.

Accordingly ‘we’ proceeded to:
find a suitably-sized microwavable bowl and cover;
Scissor the sausages into the bowl
in inch long ‘mouthfuls’.
Cover the bowl with the plate
Slide them into the microwave-oven,
set knob to cook repetitively-continually on ‘low’
and the time to about 7-mins
start the ‘cook’ button

then immediately
“clear up behind”.
The 7 mins-or-so passes;
the oven “bell rings” and the drone ceases.

open the oven door
using a towel or oven-cloth
remove the bowl-&-covering-plate
Lift the covering plate off
(having immediately noted
the state of the sausage mouthfuls in the bowl) place the plate in the nearby kitchen-sink …
the heat of the microwave oven has
the plastic bowl and the plastic covering-plate !
They won’t come apart !!
– – – – –

(“) What Would You Do, Chum – What Would You Do ?
[with thanks and compliments to
the WW2 BBC Radio Home-Service’s weekly quarter-hour
“Rags, Bottles and Bones Man”]

We pause for Other and Offline Sustainworthyings.

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