“Wasting you time?” – Try ‘Waisting’ it instead!

Every lifeform
has to be continually striving
to become
“as thoroughly-self-movable as possible”.

And that means beginning with
slowestly and gentlestly to
tentatively making
some comfortably-suggestive
most easily
continuable and safely-reversible
small movement(s).

Such as
” ‘pre-feeling’ … then ‘trying-out’ …
which of your toes
and then fingers
is the easiest
to just ‘stir’ a little … and then again …

I set myself kitchen-timers …
I have up to ten of them …
can be set to count down
for as little as 1 second,

but I find 5 seconds
is enough for me to
raise my hammered old toes
a millimetre or so
and to
lower or ‘gently-squeeze’ them back
to their ‘middle resting position’ again! …

and I also have 2 x 10mins-snooze cellphones
that can be ‘staggeredly’ set
to sound
every 5 minutes;

and 2 multi-musical clocks
that can each snooze
for 5 mins
as well.


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