Individual & Hierarchical ‘Nihilism’ and ‘Denial’.


billions of
individual people
millions of
hierarchical-organisations & governments
are consciously and unconsciously

endemicly practising
Today I handed in
to my Landlord [Clarion]
the following called-for
List of Needs

only to hear that
(“)There is nothing we can do
about the Problems
facing and overwhelming us(“)
(“)We’ll find somewhere
to file this List away,
and not inform the Boardroom of it.(“)

My [Clarion-included] Needs.
Official Clarion rescindment in writing
of the misunderstandingly-mistaken
and grossly-punitive, disabling & demeaning
Colebrook Donovan Henn’s
permanent banning of me from the Miles Mitchell Halls.
2  (a)
A new and rational group basis, including me,
of serious conversation & discussion
of non-fiction matters
including those shown in;
with a view to also founding
a broader
Miles-Mitchell Discussion & World-Viewing
Group or Association.
3  (a) Personal-morale-support and
(b) practical help to declutter and keep tidy my bungalow
and its surrounds.


John S.D. Miles
6 Gratton Place; PL6 5LU.
Tuesday 26 -02 August  2022