Governance Communication ‘Cancelled’

Clarion Housing’s ‘Tenants Support Team’
just launched a weekly
‘Tenants Drop-In’ – ‘Problem-Solve’
to commence 1000 – 1200 Today Tuesday 26 July 2022
at the George Downing House
in the Miles Mitchell Estate, Crownhill, Plymouth.

This ‘non-fiction esite author’
prepared the following Submission
for that rare and almost unprecedented
but having walked to that place
a somewhat ‘scrawled’ red-marker notice
on the door
Due to staff illness
the ‘Drop-In’ for 26 July 2022
has been cancelled”.


My Clarion Needs

Official Clarion rescindment in writing
of the misunderstandingly-mistaken
and grossly-punitive, disabling & demeaning
Colebrook Donovan Henn’s
permanent banning of me
from the Miles Mitchell Halls.
2  (a)
A new and Rational basis of conversation & discussion
with Me-&-the non-fiction contents;
with a view to also founding
a broader Miles-Mitchell Discussion & World-Viewing
Group or Association.
Practical help to declutter and keep tidy my bungalow
and its surrounds.

John S.D. Miles
6 Gratton Place; PL6 5LU.
Tuesday 26 July 2022