Susainworthying’s “Reach” and “Rest” Factors

The advice for better breathing control includes
Relax during your in-breathing;
Move during out-breaths.

This and other “self-alternation’ self-enablements
becomes one of (y)our
Foundational & Overall-Daily
“Self-&-Civilisation Sustainworthying Practices”.

We have met
the “Nobel Prize Worthy” Masseuse
VelvetVeronica and her
“Femdom Cock Teasing Tutorial & JOI” .

Perhaps before going to that
men might ‘tackle’ their
“Various body-parts – ‘alone'”
One “Lone-Guide” will be
via YouTube
Michelle Kenway
“All the Pelvic-Floor Do’s and Don’ts”

‘Break’ for Other and Offline Sustaiworthyings.


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