‘Singular’-Sustainworthyings: #0 & #1

“Singular” Sustainworthyings:
A ‘Sustainworthy-Thing’ that
stands both alone & SQNly.

The ” ‘No-Lose’ Method
Neds-&-Hows Recognition & Planning
Cooperative Problem-Solving therewith”.
‘By the Grace-of-God-ly’

seen & heard (and consequently-‘benefited’ from)
[e.g. XHamsters] :-
“Femdom Cock Teasing Tutorial and Joi”.
The following “sub-guidance” ‘stands-out’
(“) … [little micro-skills] … which
you could be trying-out “alone”
and/or with a partner. (“)

by ‘VelvetVeronica’ …

to whom should be awarded
one of the
Nobel Peace Prizes –
‘ Focally-Special & Wholistic
Practical Educational Service
to Humankind-&-Its-Survival
Thereby to the Better Thrival
of All-Life-On-Earth’ .

{NB The ‘Point’ here being
that from applying
a variety of educational/therapeutic skills
to one part of the body of obe person
one may be releasing a
for not just any other person
for any other part of any-one’s ‘lone’ body}


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Wednesday 20 July 2022