Earth’s & Our “Prospect” Perspective.

“It Is ‘Insidiously Imperceptible’-
it is happening”.

With the Earth’s Lifesupports
both Bio- and Non-Bio-
in an irreversible downslide


Our Humankind Personal, Populational,
Demands, Populationing, Consumptions,
Wastages, Destructions and Extinctions

are in an
exacerbative upwards explosion

the World is in an imminent

and there is no longer any
“Bottom Line”.

have already

We are
In terms of our
“7 Civilisational-Places”
we are fast approaching the 7th
and are largely dependent upon the
for surveillance of Macro-Factors
such as
“Approaching asteroid crashes”;
“Earthquakes; Tsunamis; Volcanic Eruptions”;
“Ocean-Foods-Toxification and Depletion”;
“Pandemic & Endemic Situations …”
“Food, Water & Shelter Failures
in Both Production and Distribution”;

and suchlike.

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