Our “Wolves-in-Sheep’s Clothing”

The following has been ‘replied’ to
who are claiming to be
answering-our-questions’ –
{except certain ones such as the ‘Super-Big’ ones
via http://lifefresh.net}.

The ‘Super-Huge-&-Hidden’
that/who is 
“super-parasitically-sabotaging” ‘you’-&-us’  and likewise
‘owning-&-ruling’ All in and around ‘Conversations’, *******- 

is the Covert-&-Civilisation-Constitutionally-Cosseted
”Falsely-Fantasising-Fiat ‘Family’ of ‘Fixers'” – 

including the complete
and its Servilely-Profiteering Populations; 

they’ve been corruptly & corruptingly
misappropriating funds, and
‘kleptocratising’ governances and constitutions 
“since time immemorial”

but especially so right now, 
they are “further-achieving”
huge-profiteerings from
the Loopholed-New-World-Order’s
same old Individual Capitalistic
which they and daily-additional bunches of ‘new-billionaires’
“control” –

Currently- additionally-self-bonusing from
the COVID Crisis”;
The Russian Invasion of Ukraine
& further ‘evil” blockage of Billions of Peoples’ food-subsistences;

and from the “newly-advancing”
Hijacked Control
and Inflationarily-Fantasised
Fiat Re-Evaluation
Universal & Earth’s Natural-‘Goodies’ Themselves.

The fact that ‘Conversations’
[and all subservilely-therein and complicitly-with] 
claim to be answering our questions,

but are avoiding answering the submitted Questions
which are also being
legitimately published-but-avoided
via http://lifefresh.net

only goes to show that ‘you’
are but ‘one’
of that
Ruling Pack-of-Wolves-in-Sheep’s-Clothing. 

I see no other ‘real-life-narrative than that; 

nor any hope for Survival & True-Thrival
other than that ‘promoted’ by http://liefresh.net 
(1) Co-Sustainworthying;
(2) Individual Human Self-Movabiliy Co-Improving;
Wholesomely-Holistic Health, Wellness & Wellbeing
Co-Building-& Maintaining”. 

Why not ask your Boardroom
to impartially ‘scrutinise’
http://lifefresh.net’s contents – 
and to publicly-respond ? 

Best possible regards, 
PL6 … ; U.K.