“The 10 + 1 Big Threats to Our Survival”

Monday 05 July 2022 .
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The Big ‘EXTERNAL’ 10 Threats
according to “Conversations UK”

Four months in, this year has already been a remarkable showcase for existential and catastrophic risk. A severe drought, devastating bushfireshazardous smoketowns running dry – these events all demonstrate the consequences of human-induced climate change.

While the above may seem like isolated threats, they are parts of a larger puzzle of which the pieces are all interconnected. A report titled Surviving and Thriving in the 21st Century, published today by the Commission for the Human Future, has isolated ten potentially catastrophic threats to human survival.

Not prioritised over one another, these risks are:

  1. decline of natural resources, particularly water
  2. collapse of ecosystems and loss of biodiversity
  3. human population growth beyond Earth’s carrying capacity
  4. global warming and human-induced climate change
  5. chemical pollution of the Earth system, including the atmosphere and oceans
  6. rising food insecurity and failing nutritional quality
  7. nuclear weapons and other weapons of mass destruction
  8. pandemics of new and untreatable disease
  9. the advent of powerful, uncontrolled new technology
  10. national and global failure to understand and act preventatively on these risks.


    The 11th Threat: Ourselves:
    Under-performing in all 7 [Seven]
    “Civilisation-Places” [*]

    1 Life-Place:
    2 Governance-Place;
    3 Emergency-place;
    4 ‘Sanctuarial’-Place;
    5 Work-Place;
    6 ‘Specialist’-Place;
    7 ‘Ultimate-Disaster’-Place.

    Each of these Human Civilisation ‘Places’ needs each & all of us to be

    Abrogation :
    the act of avoiding something that you should do:
    e.g. “This is an appalling abrogation of responsibility. She felt it would be an abrogation of her maternal duty to leave the decision about her child’s fate to his doctors”.
    We each need to achieve a “sufficiency” of
    in the ‘running’ of each of the 7 “Places”.