How ‘Co-Scrutinise’ Our Way To ‘Safety’ ?

On the perfectly Valid and Strongly-Arguable basis of
One human being needs [just] one human living

the whole of our Human Civilisation
“lapsed multi-corruptly”
“fallen into ‘The Unconscious'” …
Let “one-human-living” be
£300pw+Special-Circumstance Allowance;
Let two neighbours in a standard-house street be
a £300pw ‘street-sweeper’
who upon that alone maintains her/himself
healthy, citizenlike & environmentally-supportive;
and Micawber-like ‘saves’ £1 per week.
a £3 ,000pw ‘psychiatrist’
who at the end of each week’s ‘same-expenses’
has £2,701
– – –
All Work-Place related costs
are borne by their respective Employers.

Enough said so far …?


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