‘Sustainworthying’s ‘Secret’ Features

Once we’ve accepted and begun to ‘accrue’
new ‘secrets’
begin to emerge
– differently from the ‘normal’ civilisation’s
run-of-the-mill’s’ ‘secrets’ and ‘new empowerments’.
When ‘normally’ learning a new skill,
it will feel ‘awkward’, even ‘wrong’ …

here npw,
the kind of “‘new-sustainworthiness/ing ‘secret'”
sort-of ‘reveals’ itself –
as it were ‘from the back of the mind’.

One such that has just come to me
is about the
progression of processes
that we have to notice,
and as far as possible,
continually improve .

One such’s beginning for me
was right back in childhood,
whenever father got angry
he would always “grip” his hands tighter,
‘squeeze’ something really “harder”.

We separated –
WW2 caused that –
but years later,
I remembered –
it had occurred to me one day
whilst opening a tin of beans,
that ‘calling-up more strength
is very much like ‘getting-angry’.
Just this last few weeks, now, I have noticed
a new inclination come to me,
to ‘grip’ (say a bottle top) harder, firmer –
and without getting or feigning anger.

Nextly, today
it occurred to my mind,
that one perhaps should be
deliberately, ‘dutifully’,
daily ‘visiting’ every other part of one’s body,
and checking through
it’s need & ability
to perform the
eight basic human movements
in 4 pairs of opposites,
as discovered and described by Rudolf Laban :-
Pressing: Gliding;
Wringing: Floating;
Slashing: Flicking;
Punching: Dabbing.

“There you go now: we’re off to another ‘new-start’ !”


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