“Worthynessing” is ‘No Joke’ :-(

You may be

“the biggest Landowner ever,
of profitably-networking
Farming and Residential Land Estates;
but they were all paid for by
low-paid hard-working subjected People
who still are constitutionally having to
over-pay you yourself as well ..!”
“the best helicopter pilot in the world”.
“an Olympic horse-jumping gold-medallist”
“a millionaire ex-Royal-Family-ist
“the nicest Red Cross princess ever”
“the longest-lived, taxpayers’-supported-richest,
&-quasi-reigning Monarch ever …”

and yet still be both
“Life-Place personally-inefficient
at ‘making-ends-meet’
[costing too much to ‘keep’]”
“inemulable as a ‘life-leader'” .


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