“Co-Sustainworthyingly …responsably …”

Currently-Instantiably …
“This is
JSM 6 GR PL PL6 5LU England UK
interimly-‘interventionally’ ‘reporting’
from within this 1500 via 1630 to 1800
horizontal sustainworthyng practice timeframe
I am ‘upping’ to the vertical-strolling position
and relocating from ‘bedroom’ to ‘kitchen’
in order to catch-up with washing-up

I am pleased and hopeful of this kind of progress
being similarly co-sustainworthyingly continued …
as at and from 1707>
until 1745 at which time this jsdm continues
hoping to be ‘again with you horizontally
until (at least) our aforesaid-‘agreed’ 1800