“Sustainworthy-ing(s) …”

Forenotes & Reminders:

“One human-being needs [just] on human living”. [*]
————– 1530> ——————-
Our task and ‘directly-developing-duty’,
is nothing less than
Exhaustive ‘Stocktake’
both of
this whole Planet Earth
especially of its Lifesupports and Life-Inhibitors

and of Ourselves-&-Civilisation(s),

One needs a number of notebooks at hand,
to ‘pre-cover’ all eventualities.

One such ‘eventuality’ is, of course, our
listing & grading
of our
“New Sustainworthying World’s ‘Personnel’ [People]-

how many
‘perfect-pitch’-individuals do we have,
and how many may we need
in each of our Major-Places,
and ‘what-for’ ?

[Instantially: Music is a multi-necessary ‘medium’ –
especially including for
“governancial, emergency & ‘survival’ – places”;
and the unaided ear needs to instantly ‘know’
which note of the common diatonic scale
is being heard;
might involve
morse-coded messaging, as well:
can be sent in both diatonic notes
and morse-code lettering;
and to cover the whole English alphabet
one simply numbers each letter successively
0- 26;

which can also be extended to
the fingers of one’s hands
resting palms down
as if about to play a piano or organ:
Left hand
little finger A [and K and U] …
thumb E [and O and Y]
Right hand
thumb F [and P and Z] …
little-finger J [and T]…

[*] “Pearl 0f Wisdom”
Constructed by JSD Miles;
after gaining a Distinction in Logic & Philosophy
at Hendra College Brisbane 1998
and a Distinction level in General Studies at
the University of Southern Queensland 2000.
Now thought of as “New Common Sense”.

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