“Sanity” versus “Insanity”

In a WW1 historically dramatised ‘documentary’ film
focusing on the Big-Issue ‘plight’
of 14 New Zealander ‘conscientious-objectors’
forced to go to war
and be exposed to
frontline battles and enemy bombardments
their stand as “men-for-peace”
and not as “private-soldiers”
their deeply reasonable conscientious refusal to
bear arms and obey orders
to kill other men …

the front line doctor
was the only ‘sober-minded’ person present
having to treat and care for the 14 men
who were being savagely beaten-up,
and literally ‘tortured’
in Field Punishment Prisons
by the main Officers, NCOs
(much lesserly-so)
by the one or two ‘privates’
ordered to guard these
“troublesome” and “cowardly”
who were
“doing nothing their mothers could be proud of'”
and to
‘shoot anyone of them dead on sight
if they tried to escape or ‘made-any-trouble’.
– – –

The doctor found a
‘phantasmogorical ‘chink’
in the British Law and Military Regulations Manuals
which he used to secure Mr Baxter’s release
and passage home to New Zealand
on grounds of
allowed under the Law & Regulations that
[“] War is a seriously Sane undertaking and duty” [“]
and that anyone denying or opposing this fact must be in-sane.

The doctor typed his report that
[“Mr Baxter is insane, opposing the rightness of this war
and should be committed to psychiatric care
in his home place in New Zealand
at the earliest possible opportunity[“].
Which turned out to be on a ship going to New Zealand in a fortnight;s time _
during which Mr Baxter was ‘confined to the Field Hospital’s nursing care.”
Here in httP://lifefresh-net and our
Self-&-Civilisation ‘Co-Sustainworthying’ Cause and Commitment
we face a similarly ‘insane’ Situation & Predicament.

We pause
in order to catch up with & progress
Other and Offline sustanworthyings …

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