“Body-Mind-Spirit” Sustainworthying.

We have come quite a good long way
with finding
for the sustainworthying of our
and have now ‘broached’ that
Gordian-Knot-like ‘mine-field’
of the
Body-Mind-Spirit Human Function of
“Wholistic Sexuality”.
We have not ‘neglected’
the almost “Lone-Issue”
of our
Mind-Functions –
but it is time today to return to its
“headily-complexitude” of
Problems …

… a fundamental & foundational of which is our
“Supra-Limbic & Verbal Communicativities”.
The words and wordings
that we daily use & ‘loose-off’
and have also
‘deeply-inaccessibly constituted’.

We can look at a few here today
“pressing on”.

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