re: Governancial Communication.

The following email is being submitted via a standard UK governancial channel,
and therefore also warrants concomitant publicisation, such as herein below:

How may I get serious Issues 
and other Non-Fictional Matters
impartially-authoritatively answered, and/or publicly-discussed? 

The contents of most certainly include
many such Life-on-Earth Threatening Issues & Non-Fictional Matters.

Saliently e.g. 
‘Why are we not [effectively] using 
[and United Nations downwards constituting]

“The ‘No-Lose’ Method III 

of Needs-&-Hows Recognising & Planning
including of Cooperative Problem-Solving”; 

especially in the current so insidioudly evil
destructively bloody & inhumane War 
betwixt Russia and its ‘weaker-victim’ Ukraine ?’.  

All of that being so ‘stu[pidly’ compounded by longer timeframing
other Man-Made Disasters
( indicates many of these). 
Main reference: 
Leader Effectiveness Training  {by Dr Thomas Gordon) 
People Skills (by Professor Robert Bolton).
With troubled regards, 
******* [UK Citizen].
The Public Interest,
the world’s corrupted and collapsing intercommunication systems, 
cause me to
concomitantly publish the main content of this letter, via


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