Hidden Facts, Factors and Predicaments.

Many really vital and huge
facts, factors
and ‘imminent-disasters’

are being deliberately withheld from Media News
and from essential governancial publication

by the ruling top powers-that-be
whose negative (‘suppressive’) power
gets’ inculcated’ downwards
and permanently constituted
“inaccessible” and “non-updatably”
the United Nations, All Nation-States,
and all levels of people on Earth.

Especially focally,
they are being withheld
from Voters’ ‘democratic’*
essential-information scrutinising,

and from the worldwide
responsible public’s
similarly necessary-sharing.
there is a “good” side possible, here :

although many good advances are also being made
and are somehow ‘unrestrictedly’
being and affordably accessibly published,
they too are being ‘denied’ ‘hidden’
from the general and democratic public
by Governments, University Libraries,
and even by the United Nations and its University

This site endeavours to share knowledge of
these repressions and corruptions
not-for-profit, power, prestige nor pretence –

This, although being “an Earth-citizen’s duty”
is not
because it has already been
pre-paid – out of our taxes
[this ‘Publisher/Author’ is a State-Pensioner
whose VAT is naturally included in “pre-paying” for it.].



Truth to tell,
there has not yet been established
a true Peoples’ Deliberative Democracy,
the nearest being “A Three-Party-State”

in turn being
non-rapidly-updatably & non-peacefully-revolutisable
corrupt constitutionally
a small ‘Elite’ Oligopoly
posing worldwide as ‘Democracy’.

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