The Facts …

It is a fact that

‘Our’ [the Earth’s] agricultural soils
are being irreversibly denuded
[by us]
of their Lifesupportive Nutrients –

and we even have to ‘wastefully’ burn more fossil-fuels
to be artificially adding
the 3 main ‘fertilisers’ Nitrogen, Potassium and Phosphate
[which make the vegetables look ‘wholesome’ –
when they are denuded of many of their micro-nutrients
that have been and still are
essential for our wholesome health
and for the advance and maintenance of
our Mind-Functions’ “cleverness” and “cautiousness”.”
It is also a fact that

that Fact [1] is being
“concealed, hidden, ‘withheld”
from us …

withheld from
Governancially, Democraticly, Educationally & Lifesupportively
information, knowledge and implementation.


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