Humanitarian-Suppression …

The United Kingdom’s Constitution, Establishment,
Judiciary & Common Practice
‘autocratically’ deny, oppose and suppress

‘No-Lose’ Cooperative Problem Solving;
Sustainworthyingly-Deliberative Democratisation.

[And more]

is also tantamount to being
sub-humanitarianly autocratic-cum-oligarchic.

The following tenant’s-response email
has had to be submitted to “Clarion”:-

I must strongly object to you [or Clarion]
excluding my “Input” and participativity,
including rejecting out-of-hand
and to your ‘blind’ maintaining of
Colebrook’s Donovan Henn’s utterly ‘blind’ and wrongful
lifelong permanent banning of me
from entering the Miles Mitchell Hall and the St Budeaux Hall, 
and to his and your [now Clarion’s]
continuing complete exclusion and admission of
human-developmental advances
especially of denying
“The ‘No-Lose’ Needs-&-Hows Planning
and Cooperative Problem Solving Steps. “
[See People Skills by Robert Bolton].