‘Rationing…’ & ‘Pico-Ecolonomics’

is the correct way of denoting
“reductively-‘economising’ “
[& ‘ecolonomicising’]
“reducing the use of the hot-water-tap
and instead using a slow-running cold-water-tap
to rinse one’s dishes under.

Note: “Rationalising …”
is the possibly either prior or post ‘verbal=planning stage’
of “Rationing …”.
‘Pico-Ecolonomics’ would be illustratable by
eating the very last left over grain of rice from one’s bowl/plate.
instead of washing-away left over plate food remnants
saving” them
into a sinkside bucket
for later tranferrence to
a garden compost heap, bin or ‘tumbler’ –
and/or to
an indoor or outdoor domestic/kitchen


in the absence of both
for physically humping to the lavatory
“the next best thing for
(i) one’s own physical ‘exercise’
spiritually-mind-functional strengthening
contribution to the three-stage
“market-garden-compost making”
‘green’ public-service.

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