Keeping ‘Governancially’ Up-to-Date.

The following two email-responses have been made,
as a major democratic part of
“keeping governancially up-to-date’ :-


Before I can continue,
in any kind of ‘working’ relationship 
with ‘********’ and/or any other ‘established’ organisation or individual
under the domineeringly-prevailing but still “constitutionally-corrupt”
“Traditional-&-New World Order”
of “Destructively-Militant” Worldwide Civilisation 
[including its ‘complicitly-subservient United Nations Organisation Bodies & Univrsity] … 

I shall need to see established’
and under full United Nations Declaration, Support, Activation,
and Worldwide-Generic-Educational & Practice-Delivery 
the Distinguishment of our Human-World into 7 UN-Educational & Practice Places 







all delivering the Right-Appropriate Education and Training for their Peaceful-Advancement; 

and this as has been ‘reported’, ‘shown’, ‘referenced’ and  ‘propounded/promoted’
by the three voluntarily-altruistic and not-for-profit e-sites;; and .

I await that “great & sine-qua-non advancement”.

With best appropriate regards, 
John Miles; PL6 5LU; U.K.
Advancing Our Humankind Civilisation: (1) Council Housing.

For any Housing and Lifestyling to become 
both “Advancing” and “Co-Sustainworthyingly so”
it needs to “catch up” with the publications made known via
the democratic-governancial duty,
and not-for-profit
voluntarily-altruistic e-sites;
and .

Yours faithfully,
John S.D. Miles; 
Ex-Regular British Army Officer’s Number 393218.
PL6 5LU;  U.K.

Pausing for further offline sustainworthying>
Tjuesday 10 May 2022>
0945> … 2359>