New Problem: How “practice sense”?

After absorbing the TV showing of the
BBC Young Dancer of the Year 2022 Grand Final
I am reminded of the three different
short periods of learning I enjoyed at Dartington Hall
briefly between ages 25 and 85
(in solo-baritone-singing;
piano, harpsichord and choral singing;
and lastly
personally-therapeutic somatic-movement).

Now at age 94

Seeing the
“amazing limits” to which
even wheelchair-bound disabled persons
can reach in dancing
I become ‘minded’ to self-explore,
to do some self-awaring,
in terms of my own
“distances & speeds” …

My breathing is ‘happening’ in “inches”
but my “tidal” body-resting is in “centimetres”

I begin ‘wondering’
which of my body-parts
moves in
“millimetres” …