An Immediate “Life-Rescuing” Start …

At every level,
and also beginning at the “very bottom” –
we may “this minute”
set about
Life and Lifesupports”.


ecolonomically-practical” ‘savings’
Instead of switching on the heater,
donn warm top-clothing.
(i) warm winter long nighshirt
(ii) warm winter pyjama trousers
long knee-high stretch socks
(to tuck the pyjama trousers into)
a thick two pocketed dressing gown
(within the pockets of which should fit
(v) and (vi)
two cellphones and a remote electric-light-switch)
buy two warm ‘woolly’ blankets

to comfort your TV watching swivel* armchair
(one for your lap, knees and feet,
the other as a ‘shawl’ for your head and shoulders)
Instead of “cooking with gas”
use the microwave oven much more.
Start sprouting your own fresh-greens

[Alfalfa; Fenugreek; Leafy-Greens]
and mix/mash these into your home-made soups
[Sachets of powdered soup help – Bachelors, Heinz, …]
possibly along with
steamed Savoy cabbage, red-potatoes, brussels-sprouts, leek]


Individually [‘Lone’] Personally

Whilst improving your whole-body
in a
very carefully self-aware
“human-developmental stretching sequence”
or a
“Slow Easy Tai-Chi”

basing your awareness and use in the
Eightfold-Basic Human Movements
as discovered and developed by
Rudolf Laban Movement
[text Effort by Laban & Lawrence***]

Pressing; Gliding;
Wringing; Floating;
Thrusting; Dabbing:
Slashing; Flicking.


Begin Progressively
Rescuing & Developing


which we (and ‘one’) can do
by selecting
“self-explorations” and “self-control exercises”
from non-fiction Knowledge and KnowHow publications**



Practical excerpts
from the recommended new Constitutional Guidances
may now
follow here and in further Posts
over the days, weeks, months, years and decades …


The swivel helps you achieve better “wholistic” self-movability)
non-fiction advances
that also need to be appended ‘rapidly-up-datably’
to a
New Sustainworthying Constitution
as both basic and progressive
“knowledge” and “practice”
These two researchers’ field and practical-teaching work
helped us to win WW2
and to recover and make progress afterwards.

Thursday 05 May 2022>
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