“This Human-World Predicament”

The World Situation is so
“human-made insidiously-disastrous”
that the following letter needs to be made publicly visible :-

Dear Sirs/Madams;
I need to ‘unsubscribe’ from ********
with immediate effect;
which is because of the multiple-forces of
(1) The “Constitutionally Corrupt and Militantly-Lifesupports-Destructive 
Dominant World & Future Civilisation” and BetterUp’s servility therein. 
(2)  My personal & individual disabilities & impairments Needs-&-Hows and both spiritual-&-cognitive ‘persuasion’. 
(3)  The Civilisationally-Constituted Factor that
(i) co-sustainworthying;
(ii)  individual human self-movability co-improving;
(iii) wholesomely-holistic health, wellness & wellbeing
is so  evidently organisationally impossible to become worldwide established,
under The United Nations Organisation or under Any-True-Other,
and for me to wholly join-in-with. 
I have now also published “An Open Letter to the Public” in this Matter
via http://lifefresh.net –
in an effort to describe my situation in this
“No-Reset-Button Humankind-Corrupted World”,
and how I am endeavouring to “cope-within”, 
 and to peacefully-constructively “counter”
that Insidiously-Disastrous Predicament. 

Yours faithfully, 
John S.D. Miles;
Ex-UK-Regular-Army-Officer’s Number 313218; 
PL6 5LU;  U.K.  

Pause for offline sustainworthying>
Sunday 01 May2022>
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