Detail “A 100% Efficient Person”.

For any human-being to be
they need to be 100% efficient
in each of the
Natural and Civilised
namely in

1 The-&-Their Natural Environment-Place
2. The Civilisational Life-Place
3. Their Personal-Place
4. The Governance-Place
5. The Emergency-Place
6. The Work-Place
7. The Sanctuarial-Place


“Earnings”, “Entitlements”, “Pay”, “Bonuses”, “Investment-Profits” …
for instance]
more than one human-living”
reduces that individual’s
personal efficiency
at living-outside of the 40hrs Work-Place

at “making ends meet” in
1 The-&-Their Natural Environment-Place
2 The Civilisational-Life-Place
3 Their Personal-Place(s)
[including Bed; Bath or Shower; Lavatory; Place-at-table; Garden;]
4 The Governance-Place
5 The Emergency-Place
7 The ‘Sanctuarial’-Place.

With the sufficient human-living being £300pw
A psychiatrist getting £3000 per week
is receiving 10 [ten] human livings

which not only reduces her/his
personal-life-efficiency outside of the Work-Place
only 10%

but also makes her/him

“9-times Deluded”


at best only 10% Lifestyle-Emulable.


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