A Democratic Issue …

The UK Government DWP is
‘prosecuting’ me
for their over-payments to me;
are requiring my
(“) quick response and commencement of repayments (“)
have not given me an email address
to by-return send my immediate response:
not recognising UK constitutional and governmental
‘unfitnesses-for-our-longest-term purposes, needs & ‘hows’.
and since a number of serious public matters are involved here,
the quickest way
that this disabled & impaired
94 y.o
ex-regular army
British citizen
can communicate with both Government and Public
is to show the Matter here in http://lifefresh.net :-

The Pensions Service 8;                                  LW888951B; Mr John S.D. Miles;
Post Handling Site B;                                       6 Gratton Place; Plymouth;
Wolverhampton;                                             PL6 5LU;  U.K.
WV99 1AVN;  U.K.                                           St 16042022.

Subject: Governmental Responsibilities & DWP letter 13 April 2022.

Dear Sir,
I was not aware that I was being overpaid.

It has always been the respective governments’ duty
to monitor people’s incomes
and to
ensure that neither over- nor under- payments
are made to them.

Further, and essentially basically,
many governancial facts and factors have been,
and are continuing,
‘malfeasantly’ unfit-for-purpose
and many are also being ‘witheld’ from ,
or ‘misinformationed to’
public democratic knowledge and deliberation.
This alone is long-term health-disrupting.

Whilst I have,
since prior to and during
my 1972 to 2001 working-residence in Australia,
been informing appropriate governmental authorities
of such factors
in their constitutional, legislative and regulatory laws and processes,
that need both correction and clear-improvement,
none of which have been acted on by governments
nor even relevantly responded-to nor acknowledged.

Thereunder, I eventually came to consider it
both my citizenship and human duty
to publicise such Issues,
to show therein
non-fiction professional publications
that are attempting to ‘tackle’
such ‘malfeasant’ matters;
and suggesting Remediations,
thereby also expecting that
[qua also ‘Culpable’]
government authorities
would better be made
fully-enough aware
of the ‘insidiously-sabotaging’ effects
of such ‘malfeasances’.

In this duty. to this day I endeavour to maintain
 three (3) relevant
not-for-profit, power, prestige nor pretence e-sites :
http://www.one-human-living.com; and

I strongly request
that as many governmental employees as possible
be asked to familiarise themselves
with (at least some of) the Contents of
these three ‘deliberatively-democratic’ public non-fiction e-sites.

Yours faithfully, LW888951B;  John Miles.  PL6 5LU; U.K.  07936035565.


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