Saving Our Lives …

Our Humankind World is in desperate need of a Peacefully-Radical Reformation –

and a vitally-urgent reason for this is the
“man-made irreversibly-downward decline”
of this Earth’s Bio- and Non=Bio- Lifesupports;
worsened by the worldwide. professional, and governancial
lack of sustainworthyingly-sufficient education and training.

Here is an attempt to “have our say” …

How is ******* helping the Priority Updating of its People, and of the UK and the United Nations, in the EarthLife-&-Humankind Survival Matter of “Self-Sufficiency Advancing” as a new “Self-&-Civilisation Co-Sustain-Worthy-ing Peacefully Radical Worldwide Reformation” – focally establishing ******* Regions, Estates, and neighbourhoods, with “Kitchen-cum-Market-Gardening …” and “Sustainworhily-Deliberative-Democratisation & Lifeplace-Enablements Education …”
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Signed: Publisher.