Despite “Yellowstone Extincting Us”

homo sapiens sapiens
do tell us that

not only is the Yellowstone Mega-Volcano “capable” of
massively-erupting at any time
alone causing all major Lifeforms on Earth
including primarily we human-beings
to be “suffocated” and “starved” into Extinction

and which could cause
even our few thousand selected-survivors
in specially-stocked underground-tunnels
to also eventually, in a few ‘short years’ painfully-perish

but the linked-macro-fact that
any major volcano erupting
could ‘trigger’ not only Yellowstone
but all other Mega-Volcanoes
[in Iceland, across Siberia, and in the Pacific Rim].

We and our Scientists all
that none of this will “happen”
for thousands of years to come.

Despite the Greater-Fact that
Time does not just ‘Go By’
but allows
all sorts of
constructive, existential, and destructive
Events to be continuously ‘happening’

there remains
Overall-Way Forward
for each and all of us human-beings :

Making & maintaining
one’s-self and one’s immediate habitat
“sustainworthy & sustainworthying”.