One’s Own ‘Earthlife-Narrative’

This now
‘New-Up-Front Vital Humankind Need’

for both
“Sustainworthying” & “Co-Sustainworthying”

perhaps also should include
the writing and publishing
one’s own

as an
“narrative” ?



My birth is unclear, to begin with:
while I was later
a volunteer-recruit in the Army
a nursing sister remarked that
(“) I think your anatomy shows that you were
somewhat twisted
during birth(“);

later after completing my service
a Radiologist in Australia specifically told me that
(“) this X-ray of your teeth also shows that
your brain suffered a massive blow early in life (“)
and when I said
“aged 4, I fell out of father’s Austin 7
whilst rounding a corner and the passenger door flew open”
he said
(“) Oh no, long before that (“)
At which my memory ‘failed’.
At age 8 in Saltash County School,
due to some
‘Chinese-whispered negative-gossip’
I became both ‘socially-demonised’
and continually
‘abusively-interrogated and caned on both hands’
by the Headmaster Dr Hewitt.
I don’t think
first ‘hit’ me
until at Keele University in 1954
I suffered a nervous-debility episode
and was wrongly diagnosed
as needing “a fortnight’s nursed rest”
but instead
further wrongly diagnosed and injuriously treated in the
(“) nearby modern brain-resting resort(“)
which turned out to be the
Cheddleton Leek Psychiatric Hospital
complete with “Raw ECT”
[which in the third of a set-prescription series of 6,
cracked my spine]
by transferring me to a
3-month’s course of
“Deep Insulin Coma ‘therapy”
which one morning almost killed me
but I was “lucky” enough
to be rescued in time by the male-nurse applying
the appropriate injection.

This all failing, a mind-dulling [‘resting’] drug
was prescribed
Chlorpromazine [‘Largactil’] …
{which in turn over the ensuing years
was insidiously damaging my brain’s ‘Pyramidal-Tract’.}
The Jungian Withymead Centre
[near Exeter]
took me in …
but after a year they made the administrative error
of allowing both medical analysts
[Drs Joan Mackworth and Hardy Gaussen]
to go away on summer holiday at the same time …
which caused me to become
“being overcome by ‘The-Unconscious’
and introspectively-anxious” …
for which Withmead committed me to the
“nearby modern & caring psychiatric hospital”
‘Moorhaven’ near Ivybridge …
where Largactil was heavily prescribed
“because I was quite a tall fellow
and ‘deserved’ a bit of ‘tranquillity’.

There I was long-term retained
largely because
I became very useful in the
‘Music Therapy & Entertainment’,
‘Farming and Landscape Gardening’
outdoors ‘occupations’.


Let that suffice as an ‘illustration’ for the time being

Thrsday 31 March 2022>