Self-Awareness Guides …

In one’s own-body-parts’

one needs to include one’s attention to
the various

of that movement –
its qualities and quantities

as well as its timings
one of which latter will be at its end,
to give extra ‘reflection’ time to its
overall effectiveness.

How does each movement begin, proceed, and end ?
Taking further Laban Movement Derivatives :-
The other ‘least-effort’ derivative
(to “Floating”)
might be
which has the same elements
Floating’s ‘Flexibility’ in SPACE
is changed to ‘Directness’

then if we emphasise Gliding’s
‘Lightness’ WEIGHT element
we get ‘Smoothing’
smoothe cloth by hand, or lace with an iron.
At the “greatest effort” end
of the Laban basic eightsome
“Slashing” and “Punching”

(How does each movement begin, proceed, and end ?)

begins ‘boundly’ and ends ‘free-flowingly’
begins ‘free-flowingly’ and ends ‘boundly’.
Or in ordinary general daily usage
they vary between ‘looseness’ and ‘tightness’.
We then consider the quantities and qualities involved.
“How much, and what ‘kind‘, of ‘tightness’ …

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