Our ‘Times’…

There is a good information site at

If we wish to ‘naturalise’ our Cardinal 24hrs-clock timings
Then how ?

The tables in the site above show more Timeframing differences –

and the UK daylight hours 0633 – 1825
(only 11hours 52 minutes; making the night 12hours 08minutes)

So our 0600 cardinal time-point might be adjustable –
but how ?
(1) Make it 0633
[but then we’ll be going 33minutes prematurely into ‘night’ ?]
Divide the 8 minutes total difference
such that
we start at 0604 and end at 0556 ?
==================================================== OTHER-FUNCTIONALLY

Our Human Body Functions
Laban posited
[found in research-practice]
Eight Basic Kinds of Human Movements
visible under Four ‘Domains’
Firm or Gentle
Direct or Flexible
Sustained or Quick
Bound or Fluent.

Pressing [vs its ‘opposite’] Gliding;
Wringing [vs] Floating;
Slashing [vs] Flicking;
Thrusting [vs] Dabbing.
Each of these basic movment has 3 further ‘derivatives’
wherein, in turn, one element is exaggerated.

[See Effort by Laban & Lawrence]

To be continued