Time-‘Shaping’ …

0729> Tackling any “error” made in counting the number of “time-divisions of a 24hr day :

One must not only be
“framing” one’s Time
but in some
“‘real’-down-to-Earth sense”
each of those
resultant mind-functions-ally produced

we are actually being
in changes of feeling, sensation …
and “conscious-mind-functionality”

we “external-worldly” re-realise that
“The 24-hour day is divisible into
Two ‘halves’
[of twelve-hours each …
yet each quite different in its ‘happenings’]


those two ‘twelves’ get subdivided into
four ‘sixes’
eight ‘threes’
sixteen 90 minutes
thirty-two 45 minutes
sixty-four 22+a halfs
128 11+a quarter minuteses [= 11×60 plus 15 = 675 secondses

until one is “faced” with
the ‘rational-possibility’ that

each 15-minutes time-“slot”
may be [sub-sub-] divisible into
then into
three-and-three-quarters minuteses
and on ‘down’ into
110-secondses …
of which one’s ‘day’ would then ‘consist-of’
_ _ _ _ _ _
(how many time-“slits” ?)
[* Our ‘DS’-answer will appear at foot of this post]

Friday 04 March 2022> 0731> further offline sustainworthying >

0633/37/ >
Pause for further offline sustainworthying >

So , one ‘began’ one’s ‘day’
many minutes before
‘realising-what-time-it-is’ …

“… half-seven…” ?